Plan your move in just 8 weeks

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Plan your move in just 8 weeks

Moving is not an easy task. It requires days of proper planning and also the right strategy for packing. If you have your moving day set already then all you have to do is plot your move. The whole moving process itself is very much overwhelming. You have so many tasks at hand and so many things to do. So how do you organize your move? We bring you this article that will help you plan your move in just 8 weeks. All the tasks and chores are listed in an organized manner in this article so that you do not miss anything.

Things to do Eight weeks before your move

It is 2 months of time before you bid goodbye to your flat, neighbors, friends, and family and it is natural to feel a little blue. There is nothing to worry about. You need to prepare a list and keep it handy and check to mark the tasks after completing them. For example, some critical tasks needed to be done are to hire movers or rent a moving truck if you are planning to move by yourself. Calgary moving companies offer the best rates and services if you are planning on a move in and from Calgary.

Your list for 8-weeks may contain the following things:

1. Find a new home

2. Arrange a floor plan for the new place

3. Make an inventory of your things

4. Declutter your stuff

5. Hire Calgary movers if you are willing to move with the help of movers

6. Purchase insurance

7. Sort the documents

8. Pack the stuff

Six Weeks Before You Move

Now that 2 weeks have gone, the time to move is hovering on your head. Go ahead and start working on the things that you need to cover now. Starting from cleaning your closet to decluttering your belongings. The more you sit idle, the more it is going to give you pain last minute. A planned move helps you to avoid chaos. You must ensure that you do following things in your 6-week list so that they do not get carry forwarded to 4-week list.

1. Clean your closet.

2. Sort your stuff into a keep, donate, sell and throw away piles

3. Get utilities needed for packing.

4. Pack your color-coded boxes according to rooms

Four Weeks Before You Move

If you have not done things according to your plan then with one month away you will feel that you are never going to get all of it done on time. All you need to do is stop. Start working on multiple tasks at the same time. Contact your service providers to transfer all your utilities to the new address. If you are planning a long distance move then it is necessary that you do these tasks on time as you will not be able to enjoy the utilities in the new place.

Two Weeks Before You Move

Now with just 2 weeks to go to your moving date, stress is going to take to its peak. You need to have your priorities sorted and your previous tasks to be properly accomplished. If you think that moving by yourself is going to be an issue then you can call up moving companies Calgary to help you out with the situation. Calgary movers will pay you a visit and check your belongings. Depending on your belongings they give a quoted price. If you are moving within or outside Calgary then Calgary movers are the best choice you can make. They have friendly movers and reliable services.

Just Two Days Before You Move

Now stress is at its peak level because you just have 2 days to move. If you have worked according to the 8-week method then you are probably chilled out. You just want to get it all over with so that you can get on with your life. But you need to check the 2-day checklist that will help you to avoid any chaos on your moving day.

1. Defrost your refrigerator and your freezer.

2. Check all your documents to ensure there is nothing important left behind.

3. You need to keep the move related documents handy and easily accessible, for example, on the backseat of your car or your glove compartment.

4. An overnight bag that you will need once you move to a new place.

5. Check if your new home is ready to move before your moving day.

6. Disassemble the parts of the tables and bed to make your move easy.

7. If you have not closed or transferred your bank accounts then it is time to do so.

On your moving day

Wake up early because you can’t keep calm as it is your moving day. The day you have been waiting for and planning for so long has finally arrived. Make sure to have a proper sleep so that you are not tired on a moving day. Have proper food and coffee breaks to keep yourself energized throughout the move. If you are moving with kids or pets, make sure that you leave them with a sitter so that you can focus on your move properly.